Sep 06, 2019

Lhuillier Group Launches Consolidated Insurance Platform

P.J. Lhuillier Group Inc. (PJLI) has introduced a new website called to provide consumers the facility to weigh in, compare and assess various insurance companies and policies.

“We are living in the best of times and in the worst of times with the confluence of technological advancements and natural disasters,” said Jonathan Batangan, PJLI Insurance Group head during the launch on Monday at the New World Makati Hotel.
Insurance products that are currently available for consumers’ comparison and free review are vehicle, home, travel and personal accident.

Users can choose an insurance package that suits him or based on the budget, needs and preferences. The feature also ensures that every quote made are customized and tailor-fitted.

“With, Filipinos have the power to compare and personalize their insurance plan according to the coverage that they can afford and the insurance company that they prefer,” he explained.

After searching, the website will suggest an insurance provider or providers that meet a user’s preference and need.

The website also allows users to keep track of their insurance policies, transactions and e-documents through the insurance dashboard found in the platform. The unique feature is also equipped with a real-time conversation to a help desk — allowing users to connect to an insurance analyst.

“This is our initial foray in our digital transformation which we call ‘insurtech,’” he told the Daily Tribune during an interview.

He also noted that with the growing number of mobile users in the country, the Philippine market is ready with this digital journey.

“With the use of technology, particularly mobile, they can be able to secure insurance policies in a convenient, easy and hassle-free manner.”

Currently, the insurance companies available in the website are Malayan Insurance, Western Guaranty, FPG Insurance, PGA Insurance and Standard Insurance.

As for the payment, users can have the option to pay through PayPal or at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch nationwide. According to Batangan, a user can settle payments within 48 hours to avoid penalties or cancelation of account.

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